Technology Trends Affecting Business in 2018 and Beyond

Technology Trends Affecting Business in 2018 and BeyondINTERNET STORES

1 Voice and visual search for online stores
If you want to gain a competitive advantage for your business, we recommend using Artificial Intelligence technologies to better understand the desires and interests of customers.

2 Learning Machine
Machine learning is the most promising approach for analyzing large data in 2018.

With this technology, your online store will be able to display products or services customized, analyzing the behavior and interests of the client on the Internet.

4 Apple Pay and Android Pay
Payment mechanisms are very accessible, convenient and transparent, so more and more users trust them. You can integrate the ability to pay with Apple and Android Pay in your business.


1 JavaScript + Angular 4
One of the most trendy languages ​​is JavaScript, which is convenient to develop, both desktop and mobile applications. The language is also popular thanks to the libraries – Node.JS, React.js and Angular. Google is developing Angular 4, which will undoubtedly become one of the trends of 2018.

2 Python
Python is also attracting the attention of an increasing number of developers – it is convenient to work on the project, as well as support it. This language is used by Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Youtube, and in 2018 and the average business it is worth paying attention to it.


1 Voice Search
Since the popularity of voice search is growing, Google will better rank the sites with such an opportunity, so the trend will be optimization for voice search queries.

2 UX mobile version
A special role in SEO plays out the adaptability of sites. And now we noticed a trend that if earlier in the adaptation everything went from desktop to mobile, now they make an ideal UX mobile and now they adapt it to the desktop. New approaches optimize work.

AMP for online stores is also well ranked by Google. Accelerated mobile pages are so popular, because they provide maximum comfort to mobile users and fast download. We believe that there can be a situation similar to the situation with adaptability – at first everyone sluggishly switched to adaptive sites, and then Google just made the adaptability a ranking factor and everyone immediately realized the value.

The share of purchases from the mobile is growing, that’s why AMP for online stores is definitely a topical and acute issue that will develop in 2018.

4 Crowd-marketing
In 2018, the importance of crowd marketing among promotion tools will increase. This is especially true for online stores, when you need to cover a large number of pages with secure links. Materials are more likely to “reprint” 4-5 publications and get 5 links for the price of one. Moreover, such a “referral” can bring direct income.

5 Video Content
The share of video content and interest to it grows among users, so Cisco predicts a significant increase in the role of such content in comparison with 67% in 2016.


1 Niches
Especially popular niches of mobile applications in 2018 will be HealthCare, Internet of things, online lending. Online stores, of course, will continue to develop and will not lose their demand. We advise you to pay attention to these areas, if you are thinking about creating a mobile application.

2 Security
In 2018, all developers are looking at the security of mobile services in a new way. For example, you can use blocking technology, which enhances platform protection with two-factor authentication.

3 Kotlin
Advanced companies already write applications for Android on Kotlin – it simplifies the syntax, it is simple and aimed specifically at mobile development. Very soon Artjoker plans to release an entire article about the benefits of this language.

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