Facebook’s New Features for Your Ecommerce Business

Facebook's New Features for Your Ecommerce BusinessFacebook is a social networking site with huge business potential. It is used by over one and a half billion users worldwide, who browse it for about 15 hours a month! This is where the internet life goes. Facebook activity has a big impact on marketing potential, mainly in the form of e-commerce. What to do to appear with your business in the online world and convince yourself of a society whose existence has moved to the Internet?

How to increase the range?

Networking is a great form of promotion, used in US, often unconsciously, for a long time. Do you have a friendly company whose services or products can be complementary to yours? You can deselect each other in posts, thanks to which you will double your reach and reach more potential customers.

Get into lively discussions with portal users. Respond to comments, mark your pages and fan pages in them. Perhaps thanks to this you will redirect interested people to your website.

A good solution is to create graphics with the logo and offer of the company and mutual publications on profiles. An example of this is the cooperation between a bank and a car distributor. Then on the bank profile there is a graphic with information about the new leasing offer for vehicles of a given brand. The dealer, on the other hand, publishes information about new cars that can be purchased in leasing by coming to the bank.

Reach your audience with accurate paid ads

Browsing Facebook many times we get on ads. Some people do not pay attention, others attract their eyes immediately. Why? This is the result of a well-conducted advertising campaign.

Here are some tips that will be useful when creating your advertising campaign on Facebook.

Show off the numbers – tell how many clients you have, what benefits they have achieved from working with you, for example in the form of an increase in turnover. Large numbers attract attention.
Show yourself – people react positively to human faces. Using graphics, look for those with a group of cheerful people – it will arouse positive emotions and a sense of trust in your potential customers.
Choose the right phrases – the message must be concise and saturated with words that will quickly affect the recipient. Try to reflect in one sentence the benefits for the client, resulting from your unique offer.
Suggest something for free – research confirms that the customer is more willing to choose our service, knowing that he can try it for free. Put a clear message in your campaign that you can count on.

Also, do not overdo it with the details and descriptions of the product. Advertising must be simple, clear and above all catchy. Sometimes one word and picture will have a better effect than a banner overloaded with content.

Work with influencers, authenticate your message

In order for the brand, service or product to be noticed in all this information noise, it is necessary to ensure its proper promotion. A great choice, increasing your reach and authenticity of the message, is the collaboration with influencers, or people who are the idols of your target groups.

The effect of such campaigns is to significantly increase the reach and awareness of the client. Properly conducted advertising activities will attract the attention of the recipients, and your cooperation with their idol will drive them to the next purchase.

However, you must remember that the first campaign costs money, and secondly, there is no one rate for this action. It all depends on the popularity of the influencer, duration of the campaign and what it is about to involve, such as product promotion, service, the entire brand.

What we write about can be useful in the process of gaining customers. Remember that time is needed to obtain satisfactory results. Create, advertise, collaborate, but above all, test. Test solutions, learn from failures and compare results.
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