Ways to Promote Your News or Information Website

Ways To Promote Your News Or Information WebsiteIf you are promoting the information site, use tools and technologies that are slightly different from the methods of promotion of online stores or business card sites. The fact is that this category of resources specializes not in the sale of goods and services, but in providing users with up-to-date information.

Features of promotion of information site

First, let’s highlight the main differences of information sites:

  • mandatory availability of unique and interesting content to visitors;
  • more capacious keyword research;
  • blocks with ads on all pages;
  • the conversion rate is determined by counting the number of views or downloads;
  • a large number of useful pages in the search index;
  • outgoing links on the site pages.

To effectively promote the information resource, a specific set of tools is involved, which includes:

  • internal and external optimization;
  • regular filling of a large amount of content;
  • frequent update.

As a rule, the promotion of a portal or other information resource is carried out in several stages:

  • the site is audited;
  • the target audience is determined, the technical task for creating content is being prepared;
  • internal optimization is performed;
  • optimized texts are written;
  • external optimization is carried out.

Key aspects of promotion of information sites

The Importance of Quality Content

If you have a highly specialized site, preparing a large number of articles can be difficult for copywriters. In order not to get in the end irrelevant articles that are of little interest to the target audience, the portal owner must provide the authors with detailed technical assignment and quality sources of information.

Large Scale of Work

Portals differ from other types of sites primarily in that they contain many pages. Their filling takes a lot of time. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to constant improvements: expand the list of user-accessible sections, provide support for the forum, etc. These events make it possible to increase the attractiveness of the site for visitors.


Even the most interesting and informative texts do not guarantee that your portal will gain high popularity among the target audience – additional tools are required. The use of interactive elements can revive the site, make it useful. The simplest methods of interactive interaction with users is a forum, as well as a separate page where visitors can ask questions of interest to them.

Age of the portal

In most cases, the question “How to promote the information site” Are interested in the owners of relatively young portals. This is due to the fact that the promotion of a young site requires additional actions that increase the loyalty of the search engines.

To make the portal popular, to ensure a constant increase in the audience and, as a consequence, advertising revenue, the owner must constantly pay attention to filling with quality content and improving usability. Without constant work on the portal to achieve tangible results is almost impossible. A competent approach to the promotion of the information resource will allow ensuring the inflow of additional traffic and will increase the time spent by the visitor on the site.

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